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We do everything a pharmacy does – but for food

Stylized graphic showing the home page of bitewell's digital food farmacy.

What is a food farmacy?

A store where food-as-medicine is dispensed & sold. Services include:

Food as medicine icon
fulfill and deliver food as medicine prescriptions
Sales tag icon
sell healthy food that prevent and treat disease
Counseling patients icon
counsel patients on the use of food-as-medicine
Advise patients icon
advise patients on preventative health measures (through food)
Treat medical concerns icon
treat minor medical concerns
Partner with physicians icon
partner with physicians on food-as-medicine treatments

How we engage people

Stylized foodhealth score
We make the healthy choice the easy choice

bitewell’s proprietary algorithm—called the FoodHealth Score—helps people quickly understand which foods will (or won’t) help them reach their health goals.

Stylized Foodhealth score graphic
We reward healthy behavior change

bitewell rewards people’s healthy behavior change through tailored adoption, engagement, and food health score milestones.

Stylzed graphic showing a phone mockup of bitewell's AI
We provide AI-powered support

Carrie, bitewell’s AI-powered food farmacist, helps people find foods that fit their needs and budget – and helps keep them stay on track.

bitewell’s digital food farmacy is a food-as-medicine platform for everyone.

What our customers are saying…

“The XFL prides itself on providing the best services to our athletes to help them achieve peak performance on and off the field. We were proud to pilot bitewell’s system to present our players with food options customized to their needs to foster dynamic and positive health outcomes.”

- Kerry Gordon, XFL’s VP of Health & Safety

Help your people eat well with bitewell

Deliver the support your employees and members need to embrace food as medicine:

Digital food farmacy membership (and its discounts)

Healthy food incentives and benefits 

Personalized food education and advice

AI-powered accountability and support

Immediate mealtime feedback

Food prescription fulfillment and delivery

Access to our AI food farmacist

Curated food lists for chronic conditions

Photo showing people enjoying a meal showing their respective Foodhealth scores and health goals.

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