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About Us

Our Vision

Hello! We are bitewell. Founded in 2020, we believe in the power of improving health through food. Purpose-built by food lovers, nutrition experts, and technologists to be the smartest place to shop for food, bitewell is a healthy food marketplace that works directly with employers to provide food health benefits, reducing insurance premiums and improving health for users.

Our platform utilizes food experts to make healthy eating simpler and smarter by applying a customized FoodHealth Score—think credit score, but for food—to the foods users are eating. We developed a simpler way to personalize food delivery options by implementing a customized nutritional guide, creating an intentional food shopping experience without sacrificing or limiting options.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the world's health through food. Ten years ago, mental health benefits were practically unheard of. Today, they're universal. Ten years from now we'll be saying the same thing about foodhealth benefits. By using bitewell, companies can reallocate traditionally unhealthy food spending to health-focused food options.

Employees are increasingly looking for 'total wellness' benefits, which is evident with the rise of fitness, wellness, and mental health benefit offerings. Foodhealth is the next massive category, and we have emerged as a pioneer by providing companies and their employees with healthy food that can be partially or fully subsidized by insurance.

Our Future

The process is simple. Employees download the bitewell app and can order food from a selection of over 1.2 million meals and products that fit their health needs. Employers can upload a food stipend into their team's account to incentivize healthier food decisions. Team members can utilize this foodhealth benefit no matter where they work, whether remote, hybrid, or in-office.

We partner with US leaders in restaurant and grocery delivery, while also working directly with manufacturers and distributors so we can get you the lowest cost. By cutting out the middleman and streamlining the food ordering process, we cut costs for organizations on spend and increased productivity. On average, we can save our employee partners between 1-5% on their out of office food costs.


Meet the Founders



Chris Fanucchi

Product & Biz Dev Expert
Co Founder | LIMITLESS
Co Founder | Koia

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First Food Memory

Baking cookies and angel food cakes with my grandma I always ate way to much of the dough 😇

Formative Food Memory

My step grandfather was diagnosed with celiac late in life. He would always bring a gluten free bun to restaurants and casually ask the server to “nuke” the bun and serve his burger on it. Watching my grandpa pull out his grocery bag in the middle of the restaurant made for some embarrassing moments!

Favorite Food

Chicago’s Pizza’s Sausage pizza. Yes, that's the name of the restaurant... not the city. Also looking for the best lemon garlic salmons in the country. All recommendations welcome.


CEO & Co-Founder

Sam Citro-Alexander

Brand Builder, Marketer, Operator

Director, Global Strategy | CliniqueDirector, NA Marketing | Smashbox

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First Food Memory

Chopping parsley on the counter of my grandmother's house when I was three!

Biggest Food Challenge

I was diagnosed with a pretty severe lactose intolerance when I was 12. Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but in the 6 months prior to my diagnosis I lost a dangerous amount of weight because everything I ate made me sick.

Favorite Food

Mac N’ Cheese, which is a serious problem given the aforementioned lactose intolerance. If you find a great vegan gruyere, hit me up.


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