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bitewell is the food as medicine benefit you’ve been looking for

bitewell’s digital food farmacy makes navigating food as medicine easy and affordable for businesses and their people.

Stylized graphic showing a meal and produce.

Personalized food recommendations

High-quality, easily accessible foods

At a cost companies can actually afford

Did you know?

This lopsided approach to healthcare explains why medical costs keep rising. It also explains why food has to be part of a benefits package if organizations want to fix their healthcare spend.

How our digital food farmacy works

We educate people on the use of food as medicine through our proprietary food navigation tool called the FoodHealth Score.

Stylized graphic showing bitewell's Foodhealth score and meals.
Stylized graphic showing a product in bitewell's digital food farmacy.

People shop for foods to prevent or treat disease that fit their needs, preferences and budget on our easy-to-use digital food farmacy.

We incentivize members to continue to consume food-as-medicine by rewarding healthy behavior change.

Stylized graphic showing bitewell's reward tracking system.

bitewell in action

Companies who have partnered with bitewell have seen results as high as…

What our customers are saying…

“At POV Agency, we truly care about the overall health and wellbeing of our team. While unprecedented, we’ve found that bitewell’s simple, and affordable approach to making food a health benefit works incredibly well for a small, but mighty shop like ours. As a small business owner and employer, offering bitewell within our benefits suite not only helps us retain top-tier talent, but, attract quality talent as well.  There’s no doubt that bitewell has made us more competitive.”

-Pilaar Terry, Managing Partner & COO, POV Agency

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