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Help your patients choose the best foods for them – wherever they are

bitewell’s digital food farmacy is a food-as-medicine care extender platform that offers personalized, condition-based support that align with your recommendations.

A food-as-medicine solution for patients that’s not a band-aid. 

Better compliance, better outcomes.


People have to like what they eat to comply with diet recommendations. That’s why our proprietary algorithm, the FoodHealth Score, fuses nutrition science with an individual’s unique health needs and dietary preferences to help people quickly identify the best foods for them then easily purchase through our marketplace for pickup or delivery.

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Support for any condition, anywhere.

We make buying the right food easy — for real. bitewell’s personalized marketplace covers 85% of the U.S. food supply, including groceries, meal kits, and restaurant foods. That means we can help patients find the healthiest foods for them in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Actionable advice and care.

You aren’t always available, neither are dietitians – but bitewell is. bitewell is always available to help patients identify the best foods and meals for their health conditions, learn how to set up their days and weeks for success, and get the food they want delivered right to their doorstep.

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Ready to learn more?

As leaders in the food-as-medicine space, we understand the need for evidence-based research in the work that we do. That’s why we worked with registered dietitians to build the nutritional intelligence that guides our platform. It's also why we're constantly updating our food farmacy based on the most-to-date nutrition and food-as-medicine findings.

That being said, we know people need help when they need it. That’s why we developed these two tools to educate and empower patients 24/7.

Built by dietitians, backed by tech.

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The FoodHealth Score

bitewell rewards people’s healthy behavior change through tailored adoption, engagement, and food health score milestones.


Carrie, our AI-powered food coach

Carrie, bitewell’s AI-powered Food Coach, is a patients’ food coach in their pocket.  Available on-demand to help with meal planning, find recipes, and answer any and all nutrition-related questions.

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