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will the digital food farmacy work for me?

the digital food farmacy seems like a great idea – but will it work for me?

We get asked this all the time, and our response is always the same: It depends. 

  • Do you have a health condition you’re actively managing or trying to prevent (like diabetes or arthritis)

  • Were you diagnosed with this condition within the past two years?

  • Do you believe food can help you manage or reverse your health condition? 

If you answered yes to these 3 questions, then, yes, the digital food farmacy will work for you. In fact, we guarantee if you use the farmacy regularly – you will feel better, get healthier, and reach your health goals. Because we built this platform for people just like you. 

so, don’t sleep on bitewell’s digital food farmacy. Get started now. 

The farmacy supports 30+ health conditions plus a vast array of food intolerance, allergies, and preferences. And thanks to our FoodHealth Score and our rewards program, we are the easiest and most affordable way to identify the right foods for you. To learn more about bitewell’s rewards program, read: Shop more. Earn more.


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