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How to order lunch for remote employees?

Tacos, sushi, a burger? No matter what you are daydreaming about from the comfort of your home office, it could be yours with a few clicks of a button.

Everyone loves food and mealtime is typically a part of the day that people really look forward to, especially during a hard work session. As a boss, you have a special opportunity to provide for people from both a necessity and desire standpoint. Yes – even for remote employees. Ordering food for remote employees has been made increasingly simpler thanks to many different companies that cater specifically to remote workspaces. Online catering programs make lunchtime so much easier and enjoyable for you and the whole remote team. How many remote workers can actually say “I can’t wait for lunch today! My boss is catering!” Be that boss and bring some excitement into the work(from home)place.

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What food to order for remote lunch employees?

Save yourself the headache and give your remote employees the choice to order what they want. Logistically, ordering food for a bunch of people in different places is going to be a nightmare, let alone having to pick out the type of food. Ever been to a work luncheon where only one dish is served? No variety for allergies, religious preferences, or health conditions? Maybe you’re mind goes straight to the last pizza lunch or even the holiday party last year. This simply won’t work for a diverse team as it excludes anyone with a food restriction. Variety is key. No two employees are alike and that is something very important to keep in mind when ordering food for your remote workers.

There are so many amazing platforms that will allow you to put the power back into your employees’ hands! You can provide your employees with a budget and they can choose their own meals to be delivered during mealtime. This creates monetary boundaries but allows for individuality and a level of control that is much appreciated. Choose what is right for your team by not making all the choices for them.

Employees want to feel valued and respected, so it is important to recognize individual preferences and restrictions in life. By letting your employees pick out their own meals, you are giving them the recognition they deserve while also meeting your goals of feeding employees. This can provide a multitude of benefits for your team ranging from satisfaction to respecting their personal boundaries. Not everyone feels comfortable disclosing their dietary needs to their employer, and it should not be a requirement. Using a corporate food delivery platform, their privacy can be respected and everyone can order something they really love that fits their dietary needs.

Lastly, have you thought about what this could add to your virtual team lunches? It is always so fun to get new food ideas, especially when you can see a fresh sample on the computer screen. There will be a lot of “I know what I’m ordering for lunch tomorrow” comments! Also what a fun and easy icebreaker to have everyone go around and share what they ordered for lunch today! There are so many conversations that naturally branch off of food, from favorites to experiences, let’s get these fun conversations started!

Top 3 websites for remote team lunch orders

Been thinking about that big juicy burger all day? Well, the vegetarian paninis that the boss just ordered for the team are not going to satisfy that craving. It can be so tricky to order a singular meal that is practical and inclusive for everyone in the office. There are some great new options that are emerging in the marketplace that cater specifically to remote businesses.

Everyone knows the classics UberEats, DoorDash, and Grub Hub. The “ol’ reliables” that can get you food any time any place. This can be a great option to utilize but could potentially be difficult to navigate the financial side of making this work unless your team implements a company card or a specific type of account that allows for multiple orders at a time. Try some of our new favorites! There are some super cool new companies that were created specifically for virtual teams during the lunch hour. Here are our top 3 “Must Trys” are:

1. bitewell

If health and wellness are a priority, then bitewell is your platform. This expansive food service platform promotes preventative healthcare by making healthier choices easier. It allows employees to create a personalized account with their dietary preferences and needs in order to help guide them toward healthier choices. bitewell integrates with the entire food supply to offer pick-up, delivery, catering, and more for your in-office or remote employees. So no matter how spread apart your team is, everyone can enjoy a healthy meal together.

2. Hoppier

If you have a remote team that is spread out all over the world, this could be a great option for you. This inclusive, international platform works by providing employees with gift cards to companies, like DoorDash and UberEats, that can be activated during a specific time period to give everyone more freedom during team luncheons. Everyone gets their own food at the same time.

3. Lunchpool

Food & a show? This worldwide company does it all. They provide a multitude of different activities to keep a team engaged and develop relationships while enjoying some downtime from work. Lunchpool offers catering to remote employees plus the option to sync everyone’s screens for communal games and activities to break the ice while you eat.

Find which platform works best for your virtual team and eat well.

Benefits of ordering lunch for your remote employees

“Who wants a free lunch?” Yes, every single person on the team call just raised their hand. The real question is who wouldn't want their boss/company to provide them with a free meal? After working all morning at home, the last thing you want to do during your 30-minute lunch break is stand up and walk over to the kitchen and start working on your next meal. Giving lunch out to employees can mean many different things to each person but overall can result in many different benefits.

Company Culture

We have all come to know the importance of a company’s culture and how that can affect employee retention and satisfaction. Make lunch exciting again by hosting remote team lunches, and help employees connect as a team. Lunch does not have to be eaten in idle chit-chat. There are so many great online activities to encourage team bonding and build relationships, even remotely. Some fun examples include two truths and a lie, charades, show and tell, or even a quick post-lunch meditation session.

Breaks Boost Creativity

It is super easy to work straight through the whole day when you are working from home. Catered lunches provide a sense of true relaxation during work breaks, resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity as you finish your work day. But most importantly, breaks provide refreshment to allow for longevity of creativity and innovation that can too often get drained after many undisturbed hours of work. A good balance is essential for employee wellness!

Retain Top Talent

Feeling cared for and valued is a massive factor that significantly impacts employee retention from year to year. Food is something that everyone needs, and as an employee, if you can have one of your everyday tasks taken care of for you by your manager, it gives you a sense of connectivity and understanding.

Fight Food Insecurity

This could be someone's first real job and they could very likely have taken on lots of student debt over the past few years. A free meal every day or every so often could be saving them some financial stress and prevent any guilt that could come from supplying themselves with basic necessities such as a hot meal.

A meal can mean so many different things but regardless it is something that everyone wants and needs. As a boss, you can make this a fun and creative process for your employees to brighten up their day.

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