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4 Tips to Kick the Midday Slump

Is your post-lunch crash normal, or is it something you ate?

  • Could blood sugars be the cause of your post-lunch brain fog?

  • What can I eat to beat brain fog?

  • What else can I do to feel energetic throughout the whole workday?


Have you ever eaten a big ol' sandwich at work only to find yourself crashing a couple of hours later? Is it the regular mid-day slump?

The signs point toward one possible culprit! We're talking about blood sugar.

1 in 2 U.S. adults has irregular blood sugar, and most don't even know it. That means (roughly) 50% of your workforce has diabetes or is at risk for developing diabetes.

While changes in blood sugars are normal, extreme blood sugar fluctuations can increase inflammatory responses in the brain, leading to... you guessed it... brain fog.

Tired of the brain fog?

These are 4 daily practices to ditch the midday fog:

  1. Salad Starter. Start your meal off with some veggies. The fiber found in plants helps level out blood sugar levels before the sugar even enters your body.

  2. Pack the Protein. Protein, just like fiber, helps level out blood sugars by slowing down digestion. Be sure to pack protein in your lunch.

  3. Take a Walk. Moving your body actually moves blood sugar into your cells. A post-lunch walk will do you wonders! Grab your office bestie to join you.

  4. Hydration Nation. Dehydration actually makes blood sugar appear higher. Aim to drink at least 8 cups of fluid a day to balance blood sugars and beat brain fog.

Share these tips with your favorite coworker to bring the energy to every day.

Written by Arden Sperry and Mallory Bobzien, RD

Published 1/11/2023

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