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What is a digital food farmacy?

bitewell’s digital food farmacy is an online store that offers personalized food recommendations based on members’ health condition(s) and goals.

How do I access bitewell’s digital food farmacy?

Your healthcare provider or your employer must give you access to bitewell’s digital food farmacy. If you have already been given access, you can use this link to sign back on:

Why should I use bitewell’s digital food? 

Because blanket nutrition advice just doesn’t work. Think about it: You wouldn’t treat diabetes the same way you’d treat arthritis, would you? Exactly. It’s the same with food as food IS medicine. That’s why success in nutrition requires you to identify the foods that support your unique needs. And, today, there’s no easier way to do that than with bitewell’s digital food farmacy because we are the only personalized, food-as-medicine solution that helps people make healthier food choices – wherever they are.

How does the digital food farmacy work?

It’s quite simple. You’ll log-in and fill out a quick assessment about your health conditions, health goals, and dietary needs. From there, bitewell’s nutritional intelligence (read our special algorithm) curates a marketplace of healthy food options specifically for you.

How do you personalize the digital food farmacy? 

Great question. We use this thing called the FoodHealth Score (FHS), which is our proprietary metric that helps people quickly identify the best foods for them. Here’s how it works in practice: once you sign up for bitewell’s digital food farmacy, you’ll be prompted to fill out the assessment where you’ll tell us about your health condition(s), dietary preferences, and goals. From there, we assign every food in our database a FHS based on what you shared and curate an online market that only shows foods that score a high FHS, i.e. only foods that work best for your body.

Can I buy food directly from the digital food farmacy?

Yes, members of the farmacy can buy anything they see on their screen – be it prepared foods, grocery store, meal kits, and more.

What exactly is a FoodHealth Score?

The FoodHealth Score is a 0-10 scoring system that helps people identify which foods are best for them based on their health conditions, dietary needs, and food preferences. We created the score by fusing nutrition science with individuals’ unique needs.

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Can I change my goal in the digital food farmacy app?

At this time you cannot, but, soon, you will be able to.

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