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Food As Medicine

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With a vision of changing the world’s health through food, bitewell explores benefits of food-as-medicine alongside challenges of the American food supply in the cutting-edge documentary on Reuters.

Food touches every life and every disease. A diet of whole, minimally processed foods has been linked time and time again with longer lifespan, longer healthspan, and a reduced risk for chronic disease – and the opposite does the reverse.

So, how have we gotten to a place where 33% of adults globally are suffering from multiple chronic diet-related diseases? Diseases that cause 17,000,000 deaths per year in people under 70 and, according to the World Economic Forum, could cost $47 trillion annually by 2030.

The answer is both simple and horrendously complex. At a headline level, we’ve stopped thinking about food as a foundational pillar of health.


bitewell’s digital food farmacy makes it easy to find groceries and meals that prevent and manage health conditions and diseases. Food from our diverse marketplace is scored specifically for your health conditions or goals, which can be purchased while learning about why those foods are right specifically for you. bitewell ships to every zip code and supports 30+ health conditions with personalized food recommendations.

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It’s not just about changing eating and food buying behavior, it’s about changing the way we see healthcare.

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