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What if food could be
an employee benefit
that changed lives?

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good nutrition: a win-win for your employees and employer partners

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saving money on healthcare costs starts at the source

75% of our healthcare dollars are used to treat preventable chronic diseases and conditions (1). The good news, most of those dollars are tied to something we can control - food.

employees want, need, and value nutritional guidance

95% of employees believe it would be helpful if employers offered a healthy eating benefit (6). 88% of employees think a 1-10 scoring system around food would be helpful.

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get a return on your food investment

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companies spend a lot of money on food

Employers hardly ever expect a return on their food investment. Maybe they will increase productivity by providing food, but can they really measure it? What if we can turn an ROI on the existing budget your employers are already spending on their food.

over 1/2 of employees annual food spend happens in the workplace. (2)

An average company spends $3000 PEPY on employee food.

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let us prove it


struggle to eat healthy at work (3).


improved decision making with bitewell. participants can make over 4000 better food decisions per year on average (5).


of chronic conditions can be avoided if people exercise, stop smoking, and eat better (4).

so, what is bitewell, really?

bitewell’s multi-vendor marketplace guides employees to healthy food choices.

Our platform is designed for both chronic condition management and preventative healthcare. Employees are guided to healthy decisions using bitewell’s proprietary FoodHealth Score. A personalized scoring system that helps people eat healthy in an instant. Its like a credit score for food.

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let us reach out

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Broker special: Earn 100% of the PEPM for clients who sign an agreement of more than one year.* If you’re an employer or insurer, please reach out on those pages.

*Qualified employer contracts only. Must have at least 1000 employees.

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